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How Did We Get Started?

Nation’s Attic was started by Don Creekmore as a full time corporation in 2005. Before that though, Nation’s Attic started out like many businesses, as a part time endeavor. With one work bench in the garage, antique slot machines started coming in and being taken apart in the evenings and weekends around the year 2001. As time went on and experience was gained the part time business of fixing and buying antique slot machines grew! With a degree in Entrepreneurship from Wichita State University, Don was eager to work for himself and do something exciting. With his very understanding and supportive wife, the decision was made to start Nation’s Attic full time in October of 2005. After building a small shop in the backyard, the full time job of restoring, buying and selling antique slot machines from the 1880’s to 1951 started. Business was brisk, but starting any small business is challenging. The learning curve for working on complicated mechanical antiques is steep with virtually no instruction manuals or books to go by. It was literally going to the “school of hard knocks” for antique slot machines, but with no teachers! As experience progressed so did the business. With the growing use of the Internet, the Nation’s Attic web site started featuring before & after photos of its work. Before long restoration of antique slot machines by itself was a full time job, much less operating the other daily activities associated with any business. One of the first slot machines restored was what would later be called the Texas Dump Find. Found sitting in a dump near Dallas was a 1933 Mills Novelty Roman Head 5c slot machine. While the work was daunting the urge to restore it was to strong to pass up. After many hours and days the machine was restored back to its original glory. Its before & after photos on the original Nation’s Attic web site would be a big factor in showing customers just what could be done with their slot!

Business Expanding!

As the art of antique slot machine restoration matured the need to expand the business presented itself. As the shop in the backyard became to small, the business was moved to a commercial building near downtown Wichita, KS. This larger shop allows for more equipment and better space to do restoration work at a world class level. While restoring slot machines made from the 1880’s to 1950 is the only area of restoration for the business, buying other vintage items started. Totally unrelated to antique slot machines, World War 2 flight jackets and vintage diving helmets became an important part of the business. Over years of handling these items, an expertise in them evolved. Now each specialty has their own segment of the business and web sites; and . Currently Nation’s Attic is one of the largest dealers in vintage diving helmets in the world! Finding extremely rare helmets used by the United States Navy from World War 1 to the 1980’s is a specialty that has made the company known world wide. Also known world wide by customers and museums is its expertise in World War 2 leather flight jackets, specifically the Type A-2. These jackets were issued to US Army Air Force pilots and crew from the late 1930’s until the end of the war. Today these jackets represent many things to people. Possibly most of all they keep the memory alive of the men who used them and their sacrifices. Today Nation’s Attic specializes in examples that have a direct link to their original owners. Shown below is a P-61 pilots jacket along with a photo of him wearing his jacket.  Starting in 2011 Jenny Creekmore joined the company. She added her business degree and professional business experience to the company to help it grow in many ways. She now manages the antique slot machine restoration segment of the business. Her penchant for detail, historic accuracy and world class vintage painting techniques has made her touch on antique slot machine restoration described by many as the best in the world! As Nation’s Attic finishes up its first decade of business in 2015 it will not only be established as a source of world class restoration and place to find unique pieces of history, but also as a family run business dedicated to treating its customers right! By providing customers a link to the past or restoring a piece of their families history, Nation’s Attic will always be working hard to bring this fun part of life and business to as many people as possible!
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