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We get a lot of phone calls, emails and texts from people asking how much their slot machine is worth.

If you don’t want to sell your antique slot machine, but would rather have a professional appraisal

performed, we can do that. Our appraisals can be used for insurance purposes, estate liquidation or

simply having all the history possible on your slot machine. If you are thinking about selling your

machine, many people use our appraisals when listing their slot machine on-line. We are experts in

antique slot machines made from the 1880’s to 1950.

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Antique Slot Machine

Appraisals & History

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Above is an example of a typical detailed historical report with appraisal.

Do you have an antique slot machine and would like to know when it was made, who made it, unique features of your

machine and also how much it is worth for either insurance purposes or market value purposes? Nation’s Attic offers

professional historical reports with appraisals included.

We have provided these reports to clients for over 10 years. Many customers tell us how surprised they are by all of the

interesting and historic information associated with their model of slot machine. In many cases they are also surprised to

find out just how much their antique slot machine is worth.

No one else provides this much detail along with an appraisal value in the antique slot machine industry. Once we have

received the needed information on your vintage slot machine it typically only takes 1-3 business days to complete the

report and have it mailed to you. Historical reports with appraisal only run $45 and can be paid via PayPal by using the

button below, or by calling us at 316-371-1828.

In order to provide you with the most accurate historical information and value, we require photos of your

slot machine. Photos can be emailed to or texted to 316-371-1828.

The following details about your antique slot machine are also very helpful when evaluating it.

- Does your antique slot machine currently work correctly?

- Are there any missing or broken parts on the machine?

- What is the machine serial number? If you don’t know where to look please just ask us.

Is the appraisal for insurance or replacement value purposes?