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So you are thinking about having your antique slot machine repaired or fully restored? If so, you have come to the right place! Nation’s Attic is the United States premiere company for the art of restoring antique slot machines made before 1951. Nation’s Attic is located right in the middle of the country, Wichita Kansas. This central location allows our customs to stop by as they are traveling with ease. It also allows us to ship machines around the country without long wait times. Nation’s Attic performs repairs and restoration  of antique slot machines for individuals, companies and museums in all of North America. Regardless of your location, we have a very easy method of transporting your machine to our shop in Wichita, KS. There are very few people in the United States remaining that have the knowledge and skill to properly work on vintage slot machines. There are even fewer companies that do it professionally on a daily basis. Out of those tiny handful of companies, none are corporations that fully insure your machine while in their shop and in transit, handle daily the national transport of antique slot machines or have a full time staff working ONLY ON ANTIQUE SLOT MACHINES; except for Nation’s Attic Inc.! With the ever increasing value of antique slot machines, having them worked on by a company with trained staff that have years of experience and will stand behind their work is very important. Also, having a company that knows how to properly restore vintage slots in a factory original way is vital to preserving not only the integrity of the machine, but it’s current and future value.

Antique Slot Machine Restoration

Antique slot machine restoration is what Nation’s Attic does best! We feel that we are the worlds best at doing this very specific job. If your slot machine was made from the late 19th Century up to 1950, then you want to talk to us! Nation’s Attic offers a wide range of slot machine restoration services and options. By clicking here or the “more info” button below you can learn more about restoration options, how the process works and view some of our work.

Antique Slot Machine


In many cases antique slot machines do not require a full restoration, but just an internal tune-up and repair. Like old automobiles, antique slot machines also need to be lubricated properly with other parts cleaned for the machine to work correctly. This service is very popular and will get your machine back up and running correctly for many years to come. To learn more please click here or the “More Info” button below.
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How Do We Service The Entire United States? One of the most asked questions we get is how do we safely ship such a heavy and valuable antique. After years of trying different methods of shipping we have developed a method that not only is easy but also keeps your antique slot machine safe! Regardless if we are doing an internal tune-up and repair or full restoration, we ship the machine the same way. That method involves us sending you a special shipping container via UPS. Inside the container will be plenty of a special high density foam material to pack around your machine. Also inside will be a detailed list of the entire process of how we will restore your machine, have it picked up and then shipped back to you once it is completed. After shipping hundreds and hundreds of antique slot machines across the US, we can assure you we know what we are doing and are the best in the world at it!
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