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Nation’s Attic is the United States premiere company for the factory correct restoration of antique slot machines. No matter where you are located in the US, we can provide you with our world class restoration services!  Nation’s Attic specializes in factory correct antique slot machine restoration and repair. Vintage slot machines made from the 1880’s to the 1950’s are our specialty. Today there are very few experts that can properly restore these slot machines. There are even fewer companies that know how to properly transport antique slot machines safely from your home or office to our shop in Wichita Kansas. At our shop we can properly restore your machine back to its original brilliance and mechanical function. Nation’s Attic can do all of this with ease and expertise. Unlike the few other slot machine dealers, Nation’s Attic is a corporation with a trained full time staff of antique slot machine experts. We handle vintage slot machines every day all day. Nation’s Attic facility is fully insured and secure so you can be assured we not only know what we are doing but that your slot machine is safe while in our shop or in transit! Many people are curious to know if Nation’s Attic has ever restored a machine like their own. While we can’t show every machine we have restored, we have included before & after photos of many of the antique slots we have restored for customers on this web site. By clicking on the different company logos to the right, you can view some of our work. From the invention of slot machines in the 1880’s to the 1950’s there were lots of different makers of slot machines, but just a few emerged as major manufacturers of these coin operated devices. Those companies were Mills Novelty, Caille Brothers, O.D. Jennings, Watling Scale Co., Pace Manufacturing and Superior Confection Co. They represented the vast majority of slot machines produced from the late 19th Century into the mid Twentieth Century. Nation’s Attic takes great pride in the level of restoration work we provide. With the high degree of quality put into each machine you can be assured of receiving the worlds best work. Nation’s Attic only works on antique slot machines made before 1951, so you can be assured our staff of professionals know exactly how your machine should be restored to retain its originality and value now and in the future.
Are there different levels of antique slot machine restoration? Yes, not every slot machine requires the same type of work. That is why Nation’s Attic offers different levels of service based on your slot machines needs. Below are some brief descriptions of those restoration options that we offer.  Full External & Internal Restoration This option is Nation’s Attic most thorough restoration service. It involves restoration of the slot machine back too or better than factory original appearance and play. 100% of the entire machine is taken apart and restored, both inside and out. The mechanism is disassembled and every single part is media blasted clean, rust proofed and then re-assembled. While this is the most time consuming and expensive option, it does ensure your antique slot machine is restored to museum quality standards both inside and out. Full External Restoration with Internal Tune-up & Repair This is our most popular antique slot machine restoration option. The machine receives a full external restoration that will have it looking like the day it left the factory. Internally the mechanism receives a full tune-up, proper lubrication and testing. When completed your machine will look amazing and play perfectly as well. Typically if the internal mechanisms are not badly rusted, then a good cleaning by hand of the critical parts plus proper lubrication and tuning is perfectly fine to keep your slot machine running great for decades to come. Light External Touch-Up with Internal Repair & Tune-up In some cases, nice vintage slot machines don’t need to be restored externally. However, they may need slight work done to the outside such as new glass, a new award card or other superficial touch- ups. In this case Nation’s Attic can give your machine a full internal tune-up and repair plus give your machine the little TLC it needs to not only play correctly but also preserving its original appearance.
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                Give Us A Call At 316-371-1828 or Email
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