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Is there a specific type of slot machine you are looking for or are you starting a

collection? In many cases the antique slot machines we find are sold directly to

customers before they ever reach our web site! By joining our customer contact list we

can keep you informed of the rare, unique and unusual antique slot machines that we

find before they ever appear on the web site. We send out the occasional email with

photos and pricing of these slots so you can find out first when something special is

coming in!

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By becoming a member of our email client list you will then have a rare inside knowledge of slot machines that become available for a very limited time. Have you ever wondered how some collectors always seem to come up with the super rare and exciting machines? Nation’s Attic specializes in providing our customers with the antique slot machines others only dream about! We will not share your contact information with anyone else and all transaction are kept confidential. We will we send out details about the machine that has been found along with photos and pricing. We then sell the machine to the first person who contact us and commits to the machine! We only handle antique slot machines made before 1950, so just the antique mechanical slot machines. Please fill out our form above or contact us about your antique slot machine requests!  Call / Text 316-371-1828 or