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Antique Slot Machines For Sale

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Mills Novelty Posters Set 1900’s San Francisco & Chicago + 1930’s Chicago!

A few years ago we made a limited number of these beautiful Mills Novelty Company posters. Due to the cost of making these high quality

images not many were made and eventually sold out. Now we have been asked by a number of collectors to offer this set of three posters

again. Now available in a small print run are these classics with images from the 1900’s era Chicago & San Francisco buildings & the

Chicago factory from the 1930’s!

Each poster image was taken directly off original Mills Novelty printed material. With the use of very high resolution scans and restoration

of the images these posters were made. Each poster is 12” tall and approximately 36” long. They are printed on very thick professional

paper. We have seen these sell at auction this year for hundreds of dollars!

We are selling the complete set of 3 for $97.50, shipping included within the US!

Please call / text 316-371-1828 or email for more information.

1946 Mills Black Cherry 5c Slot Machine!

Many people do not realize that the Black Cherry was the first slot machine to be sold by Mills after World War 2. The model was a instant success and now in the 21st Century, it is a classic and reliable antique slot machine to enjoy at home. This machine has been given a full tune-up by Nation’s Attic and works great! The machine features the original hammertone gray paint, painted cherries and etched award plate. The wood cabinet has been painted blue long ago and is in very good condition. Original back door and back bonnet are present. Inside the mechanism is complete with original reel strips, cash box and slug box. This nickel Black Cherry would make a great machine to enjoy or if you wanted to tackle a light restoration - it would be perfect for that as well. Either way, this machine received little play originally and is ready to enjoy! Please call / text 316-371-1828 or email for more information. Would you like to find out about slots before they are posted? Join our email contact list to be notified first about machines that are coming in.

Updated 8-11-2017

1929 Mills Baseball Mint Vendor 5c Slot!

One of the most interesting cross over slot machines made - the Mills Novelty Baseball slot machine. This 5c slot machine is actually disguised as a baseball game that vends rolls of mints. With each pull of the handle a baseball play is made and a entire game can be played via the lower front play field. Runs, outs and base runners can be kept track of via the moving knobs on the front. The reel strips, award card and play field are all baseball theme - no mention of gambling. This model was the focus of a number of court cases back in the 1930’s. This machine is bone stock original, paper, paint, wood cabinet. The internal cabinet hardware and mechanism did have some rust - so we have media blasted clean and coated those parts. If you enjoy baseball and original slot machines - they don’t get much more interesting than this one! If you would like to be informed of machines before they are posted on this page, please join our customer contact list by clicking here. Please call / text 316-371-1828 or email for more information.
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1930’s Pace Bantam Penny Scale - Classic!

Many collectors know the Pace Manufacturing Company name

from their slot machines. Pace also made other coin operated

device as well - such as this classic Art Deco penny scale!

Years ago we found this scale and decided it would be a great

addition to our offices. We tuned the scale and occasionally

used it - always giving us a true and accurate weight after a

penny was inserted. The classic design, colors and relatively

light weigh is what apealed to us. Unlike larger and different

scales, this one is very bright with vibrant orange and black

painted on the entire body. The chrome is still very nice on

the top and the platform itself.

The body itself is cast aluminum - so moving this one won’t

require Olympic weightlifters! The back has the original door

with replacement lock present. It also appears the original

glass, height weight plate and drum with weights are original

and in good condition. The only issue we found was the coat

hook on the right edge of the top is broken off.

One detail which also make this scale interesting is the large

Pace Bantam local on the platform. Did you know a Bantam is

an small sized chicken?

This scale measures a nice 48” tall, 11.5” wide and 20”

deep. The scale is located in Wichita, KS and can be picked

up anytime. The scale can be shipped or picked up by a

transportation company.

We have lots more photos that we can email over.

Please call / text 316-371-1828 or email for more information.
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