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Nation’s Attic Buys Vintage & Modern Rolex & Omega Watches!

Nation’s Attic is a company that buys, sells and restores specific types of antiques. One of the specific things we buy are

Rolex & Omega mens wrist watches. We are located in Wichita, KS and primarily purchase fine watches from residents

of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. As a local Wichita, Kansas antiques dealer we are ready to make you fair and

reasonable offers on the spot. Below is a list of the type of Rolex & Omega mens watches we are actively buying for our

clients. If you are interested in selling a womens Rolex or Omega watch please let us know. While we typically don’t

purchase womens watches, there are some models we do have customers for. Regardless of the watches condition, when

it was made or if it currently works or not, we are serious professional buyers that will treat you fairly and with respect.

Nation’s Attic has been in business since 2005 and is incorporated in the state of Kansas. We have an A+ rating with the

Better Business Bureau and are members of numerous antique associations and organizations. While we do not have a

retail location, our shop is open for appraisals by appointment. We are also more than happy to come to your location to

view your watch.

Please call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email us at

Cosmograph Daytona The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph came out in the early 1960ís. Over the decades Rolex made a number of different sub-models. We are buyers of all the Daytona models!Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Omega SpeedmasterThe Omega Speedmaster started in 1957 and was later chosen by NASA as the official watch worn in space. Lots of different models, we buy them all! Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex SubmarinerUsed by divers since the 1950ís the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a model we love! Examples from the 1950ís and 1960ís we can pay top dollar for!    Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Omega SeamasterThe Omega Seamaster is a water resistant watch that first came out in 1948. Examples from the late 1960ís and today are what we want the most! Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex ExplorerThe Rolex Explorer was introduced in the early 1950ís for people needing a watch that could hold up to rough outdoors activities. There is also a Explorer II marketed to cave divers - we buy those as well! Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Omega De VilleThis dress watch is one we purchase regardless of age, but examples made in the last 20 years carry a premium with us! Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex GMTThe Rolex GMT Chronometer watch came out in 1954. We are buyers for all GMT and GMT Master and Master II models in stainless or gold.   Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Omega Constellation Vintage examples of the Constellation in 18k and 14k gold are ones we have customers for. Modern day examples are also wanted by our clients.  Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex Day-DateBeautiful chronometer watch with the day and date indicators on the dial. As with all Rolexís the condition is very important and affects the value greatly!  Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex Sea-DwellerRolex started producing the Sea-Dweller in 1967 for commercial divers whoís needs sometimes exceeded the limits of the Submariner. We buy are variations!Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex DatejustRolex has made the Datejust in a number of different subtle styles. This watch features the date on the dial. Gold models are a big plus!  Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex MilgaussThe Rolex Milgauss came out in 1956 and was made for people working in areas with powerful electromagnetic fields. Interesting model we buy!  Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email Rolex Yacht-Master Introduced in 1992, the Rolex Yacht-Master comes in various different sizes and in either stainless or 18k gold. Having box & papers plus condition is important! Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email
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Rolex has made lots of different models over the

last 100 years. We are buyers for almost all of them.

There are some specific models that we have more

clients for than others. Specifically we are very

interested in Rolex Submariner, Daytona, GMT,

Explorer, Sea Dweller, Day Date and Datejust.

Call / Text 316-371-1828 or  

Since 1848 Omega has made fantastic timepieces. We

are interested in buying mens Omega watches,

specifically the Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation

and De Ville models. We also buy  mens vintage

Omega watches and pocket watches made in gold.

Call / Text 316-371-1828 or 

Do We Buy Other Watches? Our primary interest is in the Omega or Rolex watches shown on this page. Both compaines however made lots of different models, some of which we are interested in buying. If you are not sure, simply email us at , text or call us at 316-371-1828. If photos of the watch can be sent via text or email, that would be perfect. In addition to Omega and Rolex watches we also buy examples from Breitling Watch Company. This brand is known for their pilots watches. Just contact us and we would be happy to help you! Unfortunately womens watches just don’t have a huge collector market for various reasons. In most cases we just don’t have any interest in womens watches. We also don’t purchase quarts movement watches. We are only interested in Omega, Rolex and Breitling watches that require manual winding every day. If you have any questions about your watch that you wish to sell, just call / text us at 316-371-1828 or email 
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