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Antique Slot Machines!

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Do You Have An Antique Superior Slot Machine?

Superior Confection Company antique slot machines were made during the 1930’s in Columbus, Ohio.

Today almost all antique Superior slot machines are collectible. Nation’s Attic is always buying vintage

Superior slot machines, regardless of the slot machines condition, coin type or color. If you have an old

Superior Confection slot machine you are thinking of selling, contact us today!

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Attention - There are certain Superior Confection Company slot machines we need badly! Below are photos of Superior slot machines that we have an immediate demand for purchasing. If you have one of these slot machines shown below please contact us today! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or Email
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Superior Golf Ball Floor model antique slot machine that would pay out in golf balls. The Superior Confection Company made these for golf courses in the US. We pay top dollar for these! Call / Text 316-371-1828 /
Superior Horse Race Slot This antique slot machine is larger with a small horse race game on top and mint vender on bottom. Call / Text 316-371-1828 Email
Superior Baseball Traditional antique slot machine with a baseball theme. Still pays out coins like most antique slots. Call / Text 316-371-1828
Superior Gold Award Their standard antique slot machine design. Any design similar, we are a buyer! Call / Text 316-371-1828 /

Superior Confection Company antique slot machines are rather unique. They were made with parts from

various companies. Many antique Superior slot machines also vended mints to get around gambling laws.

Regardless of the model of antique Superior slot machine, we are always interesting and buying them. 

Please call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email

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