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Recently Discovered 1960’s Drag Racing Film From

Wichita, KS - Manhattan, KS and Tulsa, OK!

In 2017 I found my families old 8mm films - reels and reels of it. After discovering just how expensive it is to have that

old film converted to DVD (they charge by the foot!), the project was shelved. Then my dad mentioned the film and told

me he had taken his moms 8mm camera to the drag strip in the mid and late 1960’s. He grew up in Wichita, KS and even

drag raced his Corvette in the late 1960’s. After discovering this I was new really excited to see what he had captured!

After spending many hundreds of dollars and waiting in excitement the film was finally converted to DVD in late 2017.

After sitting down and watching it with my dad I was enthralled by the footage he took! Here is some of what he


Wichita International Raceway in 1965, 1968 & 1970

Ericson Chevelle crashed, Frawley Dodge Peppermint Flash Cornet, Ted DeTar in the Kansas Badman,

Hemi Hoss Paddock Plymouth Burton & Guthrie, The Marauder, Sites Brothers Plymouth Skootin

Baracuda, Sump’n Else 2 Chevy II Roger Caster, AA Top Fuel cars, super stock, Shelby 350 Mustang,

Brimstone Chevelle, Commotion Dodge, Blades Engines, Larry Owens Hell Fire, Sprite Chevelle,

Missouri Missile Camaro, GoodGuy, Blades Engines, Dick Harrell Courtesy, Huston Platt Dougs

Headers, Don Burns & Warren Gunter’s Durachome Bug, Fred Gibb & Dick Harrell Chevrolet, pits

and more!

Manhattan Raceway Park 1968

Jet Cars, Mad Rat, Mr. Speed II Li’l White Ghost, Walt Arfons Jet Car, Exodous Jet Car, Hummer and


Tulsa Southwest Raceway - 1966 & 1968 NHRA Worlds Points Finals!

Lots of Top Fuel, Super Stock and Funny Car’s. Gene Snow Rambunctious, Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile

442, Dave Beebe, Connie Kalitta, Jerry Ruth, Tom McEwen, Tom Hoover, Linda Vaughn Mrs Hurst

Olds, Mongoose, street eliminater,  UFO funny car, Sneak Peat Robinson, Ed Schartman RSE Mercury

Comet, Bob Ford & Dick Brannan Mustang, Hottman Chev-Olds Chevelle, Kenz & Leslie 777 Mercury

Comet, trace side Phillips 66 station, Smothers Brothers Olds 442, GTO GeeTo Tiger drag race,

Assimilation Dodge, behind the scenes & more

There are a lot of other classic cars and drivers I didn’t take the time to identify and note above - so

have fun spotting some cars and people you may recognize! Below is a trailer for the film. Each disk is

$24.95 plus KS tax if you live in KS. Shipping is included!

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Who Is Nation’s Attic & The Film Maker?

Nation’s Attic is a company that buys, sells and restores specific types of antiques. We are located in Wichita, KS and

service the entire world for these items. Nation’s Attic has been in business since 2005 and is incorporated in the state of

Kansas. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of numerous antique associations and

organizations. While we do not have a retail location, our shop is open for appraisals by appointment.

Duane Creekmore filmed this rare footage and his buddies while he was racing his 1965 Corvette down the track. While

Duane was a not (and still isn’t) a professional cameraman he did capture some fantastic footage of drag racing. Film of

late 1960’s drag racing in Wichita & Manhattan, KS is no doubt rare. Combine that with the incredible film of the 66’ and

68’s NHRA Worlds Points Finals that features a number of legends - the film is not only entertaining but historic.

Don Creekmore (Duane’s Son) produced the video you are about to purchase. He along with his wife own Nation’s Attic

Inc. While Don is not a video production specialist, he was able to edit out any bad film segments, include information

on where the film is shot and when plus including some cool background music during the action.

Both my dad and I are not selling these disks to make a lot of money. We simple feel the film is really cool and taken

during a period of time and location rarely seen today. If you were around Wichita, Manhattan or Tulsa in the late 1960’s

and visited the drag strip, you may just seen some old friends, cool cars or even yourself!


Questions, email Don at