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    Before & After Restoration Examples

Below are additional examples of antique Mills slot machines Nation’s Attic has restored for customers in the

past. If you would like your antique Mills slot machine restored, please call us at 316-371-1828 or email

(1929 Mills FOK Baseball w/ Skill Stops 5c)

(1930 Mills / Pace Comet FOK Jackpot Vendor Revamp 5c)
(1932 Mills FOK “Peacock” 5c)
(1933 Mills Cross Diamond Mint Vendor 5c)
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Many of the before & after photos shown on this page are Mills Novelty slots from the early 1930’s. During

this time period Mills Novelty was offered a line of machines that featured a number of “gimmicks”. These

features would sometimes allow the machine to operate in an area where a straight slot machine couldn’t.

A classic gimmick was the concept of offer the player a roll of mints after each pull of the handle. The player

could turn a knob and roll of mints would drop into the coin bowl. By provided the player with a product, the

machine could be classified as a vending device rather than a gambling machine. This feature was widely

used and refereed to as a Mills FOK - Front OK machine. All of the before & after photos on this page show

front mint vending Mills Novelty antique slot machines in various styles. The first example even shows one

that a game of baseball could be simulated while play the machine!

Nation’s Attic specializes in the factory correct restoration of antique slot machines made by Mills Novelty.

While we are happy to restore a slot machine in a custom style for you, we have found that restorations back

to factory original brilliance not only make the machine historically correct but also add to the machines value

now and in the future.

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