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    Mills Novelty Company - Page 6

    Before & After Restoration Examples

Below are additional examples of Mills slot machines Nation’s Attic has restored for

customers in the past. If you would like your antique Mills slot machine restored,

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(1935 Mills QT 21 Star Thunderbird 1c)

(1937 Mills QT Chevron 5c)
(1941 Mills QT Sweetheart 5c)
(1938 Mills Golf Ball Vendor 25c)
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This page mostly features a smaller antique slot machine made by Mills Novelty called the QT. There were

quite a few QT’s made during the 1930’s, shown are the most prevalent Nation’s Attic has restored. The QT are a

unique machine and very popular among collectors. These machines have a unique internal mechanism that is

challenging to work on and one Nation’s Attic has an expertise in.

Also shown at the bottom of the page is a Mills slot machine that paid out in golf balls rather than money. These

machines were placed in golf course around the United States in the 1930’s. The machine is taller and is encased

in a nice wood cabinet. These machines are difficult to work on with their use of electricity and the among of

detailed wood work they require.

Nation’s Attic specializes in the factory correct restoration of antique slot machines made by Mills Novelty.

While we are happy to restore a slot machine in a custom style for you, we have found that restorations back to

factory original brilliance not only make the machine historically correct but also add to the machines value

now and in the future.

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