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    Before & After Restoration Examples

Below are additional examples of Mills antique slot machines from the 1940’s Nation’s Attic has restored for

customers in the past. If you would like your antique Mills slot machine restored, please call us at 316-371-

1828 or email

(1948 Mills Hightop Jewel Bell 5c)

(1948 Mills 7-7-7 Hightop 5c)
(1948 Mills Black Gold Hightop 25c)
(1949 Mills Polished Blue Bell 5c)
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(1948 Mills Hightop Bonus 25c)
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(1948 Mills Hightop 10c)

The before and after restoration photos shown on this page feature antique slot machines from the 1940’s made

by Mills Novelty. Mills made a large number of “High Top” slot machines during the late 1940’s and 1950’s.

These machines mechanically are considered the finest ever made and also the last great mechanical machines


These Mills Hightop antique slot machines came in a number of different model. Each one generally had a

different paint style and unique mechanical feature. Nation’s Attic has restored a lot of these Mills Novelty and

Mills Bell-O-Matic antique slot machines. We have perfected the restoration of these machines and know how

to get them to work great and look like they did originally.

Nation’s Attic specializes in the factory correct restoration of antique slot machines made by Mills Novelty.

While we are happy to restore a slot machine in a custom style for you, we have found that restorations back to

factory original brilliance not only make the machine historically correct but also add to the machines value

now and in the future.

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