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    Before & After Restoration Examples

Below are additional examples of Pace Manufacturing Company antique slot machines from the 1930’s and

1940’s Nation’s Attic has restored for customers in the past. If you would like your vintage Pace slot machine

restored, please call us at 316-371-1828 or email

(1939 Pace Bantam 5c Slug Rejector)

(1946 Pace Deluxe 25c Slot Machine)
(1946 Pace Chrome Deluxe 5c Slot Machine)
(1948 Pace Red Deluxe 5c Slot Machine)
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The photos of Pace antique slot machines from the 1940’s on this page are just some of the examples Nation’s

Attic has restored. After World War 2 Pace was a major player in providing slot machines to casinos in Nevada.

Many of these antique slot machines feature shinny fronts and even sides. These antique slot fit in well with the

style and look of Las Vegas after World War 2.

A true classic made by Pace after World War 2 is the Chrome Deluxe. These slot machines are wonderful models

for home use today and look amazing once restored. The last three examples of before and after restoration on

this page show versions of the Chrome Deluxe. These machines are unique in the fact they have a large brass

star on the non-handle side of the cabinet. Within the star was a number, such as 47. This number indicated the

year the machine was made - a rarity among antique slot machines.

Nation’s Attic specializes in the factory correct restoration of antique slot machines made by Pace

Manufacturing Company. While we are happy to restore a slot machine in a custom style for you, we have found

that restorations back to factory original brilliance not only make the machine historically correct but also add to

the machines value now and in the future.

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