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When we first started restoring antique slot machines, the Watling Rol-A-Top and Treasury machines were the most intimidating to us. We always wondered how to accurately reproduce the depth and brilliance of the painted gold coins on the castings. Well, after literally spending years of talking to paint experts, studying original Watling castings, experimenting with different processes, we finally got it!   If you want your Watling Rol-A-Top or Treasury castings to be restored back to the way they looked when they left the Chicago factory, then send them to us! We not only know how to paint the coins correctly, we correctly polish and paint the background colors as well. Without a doubt we feel that Nation’s Attic is the very best in the world at restoring these valuable slot machine castings to their correctly original brilliance!
(Watling Rol-A-Top Coin Front Top Castings & Bonnet Examples)

Factory Correct Restoration Of Your Watling Castings!

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(Watling Coin Front Lower Casting Restoration Examples)
The photos above and below show the level of detail we put into each and every restoration we perform. Watling Scale Company originally polished each aluminum casting before applying the paint - which is what we do. In the 21st Century Watling slot machines are quite valuable and we treat each machine or individual casting with the utmost of care. We will NOT sand blast or media blast the castings, we will not chrome plate the casting (never done), we will not gold plate or powder coat the castings either. What we will do is professionally clean each casting by hand, polish them as they were originally and then HAND paint each casting - just like they did at the factory!  In addition to the “coin front” Rol-A-Top’s and Treasury machines, Watling also made the Rol-A-Top in some different models, the Cherry Front and Bird of Paradise. The Cherry Front used a similar special paint to obtain the depth and color of the red cherries. The Bird of Paradise was actually painted with the same gold paint that the coin fronts used. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s the colorful style of painting the Bird of Paradise was invented. While we can paint the Bird of Paradise in this style, originally Watling used gold paint. Below are some examples of those special machines we have restored for clients.
(Rol-A-Top Cherry Front & Bird of Paradise Restorations)
If you would like your Watling Rol-A-Top or Treasury slot machine castings re-painted correctly and professionally by the best in the world - call, email or text Nation’s Attic! We can perform the entire restoration of your Watling slot machine or just paint the castings for you. Call or Text Us At 316-371-1828 Email:
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