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    Before & After Restoration Examples

Below are additional examples of antique Watling slot machines Nation’s Attic has restored for customers in

the past. If you would like your antique Watling slot machine restored, please call us at 316-371-1828 or


(1937 Watling Rol-A-Top Bird of Paradise 25c)

(1937 Watling Rol-A-Top Vendor Front 25c)
(1950 Watling Rol-A-Top Checkerboard Front 5c)
(1933 Watling US Coin Front 5c)
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This page features a number of before & after photos of antique Watling Rol-A-Top slot machines we have

restored for customers. Each one of these Rolatop machines is actually a different model with it’s own unique

characteristics. Over the years by studying original examples we have developed a restoration method that we

feel is extremely accurate to the way the Watling Scale Company did them. We actually offer a service for just

painting the Rol-A-Top or Treasury castings, click here for more information on that.

Starting around 1935 Watling starting producing only the Rol-A-Top and Treasury models. The Rol-A-Top

would end up being made until 1951 and numerous different sub-models and configurations. The Treasury

would be made in two different styles, straight play and mint or gum vendor models. For any of these models

we are experts in factory correct restoration!

Antique Watling slot machines can be challenging to work on and restore. From the 1930’s and into 1951 the

internal mechanism on the Rol-A-Top would constantly be modified by the factory. These changes lead to

almost every Watling internal mechanism to be different in some minor way. After handling many dozens of

Watling antique slot machines, we are fully equipped to restore you machine to the highest standards.

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(1934 Watling Treasury US Coin Front 10c)
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