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One of the most difficult types of paint to get really good results from is wrinkle or texture paint. Various antique slot machine and trade stimulator manufactures used this type of textured paint in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Wrinkle paint is very durable and gives antique slot machine castings a unique look. Properly applied wrinkle paint will also help hide imperfections in the castings as well.   If you want your castings to be restored back to the way they looked when they left the factory, then send them to us! We not only know how to apply wrinkle paint correctly, we can remove the old paint, polish the castings, mask the polished areas and produce just about any color of wrinkle needed. The sample photos above and below show some with color. It took many years practice but we can duplicate most colors for antique slot machines using the textured paint. Lot’s of models made by Mills Novelty and O.D. Jennings used textured paint, especially on their back doors. While color is probably the most difficult aspect of wrinkle painting, getting a consistent textured surface is a close second. Don’t waste a lot of money and time, simply send your antique slot machine castings or doors to us. We will provide you with high quality professional results.     
(1930’s & 1940’s Jennings Slot Machine Wrinkle Paint Examples)

Factory Correct Restoration Of Your Castings!

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(Mills Novelty Wrinkle Painted Casting Examples)
The photos above show the level of detail we put into each and every restoration we perform. Wrinkle paint is not easy to work with, but we have been doing it professionally for many years now. If you would like your castings re-painted correctly and professionally by the best in the world - call, email or text Nation’s Attic! We can usually have your antique slot machine castings paint and ready for you in just a few weeks! Call or Text Us At 316-371-1828 Email:
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